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You Can’t Say It Enough: “I Hear You.”

May 19, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

I’m reminded as I was reading this brief write up on Trover Health System, a 410-bed hospital, struggling with employee satisfaction that the key to ensuring employee happiness is almost ridiculous in it’s obviousness.  People want to be “listened to”; they  want to be informed; and they want to believe that what they’ve said is not just heard but capable of activating change. The article gives some fine examples of how Trevor did it by instituting some systematic methodology and then sticking to it.  I think that’s a critical component to success as well–you have to keep at it; has to be ongoing; can’t be seen as a “project” that has time frames around it.

It’s worked for Trevor.  Not surprisingly, happier employess has lead to happier patients.  The hospital is going so far as start advertising themselves as the “New Trevor.”

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