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Words, Words, Words

December 1, 2009
Posted by Georgia Relich

I just caught this tidbit in the newspaper today. According to the Global Language Monitor, “twitter” was the most commonly used English word (and that’s throughout the English speaking world, which numbers more than 1.58 billion speakers) in 2009, followed closely by “H1N1” at number 3, “2.0” at number 6, “Healthcare” at number 9 and “transparency” at number 10.  If we are believe that we talk about the things that matter to us, then we should be doing our best, as marketers, to deliver information that matters to our constituencies through the vehicles that matter to them. Seems like health care is on their minds, and social media is the way they want to learn about it.  The FDA just held a hearing a few weeks ago to discuss this very topic as it relates to marketing prescription drugs online. This hearing will continue until February 2010, and the thinking is that guidelines could emerge as early as summer 2010.  I’m wondering how things will change.

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