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Wonderland — A Short Form Doc on Creative Commerce

July 24, 2013
Posted by Hunter Lansche


My creative desires seem to shift with time (and I think I’m not alone). I’ve been attracted more to video than design lately. Photography has always been my first passion, but one day I realized the monetization of that craft was going to be a little tricky, so I rerouted my creation desires to graphic design, where maybe that was slightly easier. I love design. I still love photography. When I saw a chance to jump on videography in a professional setting, I took it. It has the technical aspects of photography and the creative aspects of advertising/design. It’s perfect.

I came across this great documentary, “Wonderland.” It gives a brief glimpse into a section of the creative mind that wrote the paragraph above. I’m not sure which part of the documentary I like better — the incredibly relatable story it tells, or the way the filmmakers shot and edited it. It’s a little long at 15:00, so grab another cup of coffee, set your chair to recline, and hit play. It’s well worth the time.


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