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Win Win . . . Always a Nice Thing

June 24, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

Yahoo! Health is deepening its Health offering with three new search apps that will enable advertisers to better reach audiences.  In particular, they are hoping to cater to pharmaceutical and CPG sponsors.  So, that’s all well and good, and as a marketer who is always looking for great venues to get the right messages out to the the right audiences for my clients, this is another great channel.  But, I’m equally as happy to see that we are giving patients another portal to educate themselves regarding their particular disease states, from symptom checks, to diagnosis search to doctor finder. Yahoo! did its homework–their research indicated that “the case for users in those applications is much deeper than for browsing content that editorially driven around healthy living and lifestyle.”

A win-win for both sides:  consumers get the most relevant content, and advertisers get opportunities to serve up appropriate ads.

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