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We Adapt

April 28, 2020
Posted by Dan Graney

We adapt.

More than anything you may see or hear, regardless of your alliance or allegiance, beyond what the media (right, left, social or antisocial) may tout… we adapt.

It’s in our nature…
We adapt. And like it or not, we evolve.

It’s already happened. You see it in the almost-immediate adoption of video and teleconferencing (really, how many of us talked about Zoom a year ago?) And as we adapt, we transition to a new normal, one that is less polished and carries far less pretense (just watch the news, talk shows or SNL as they conduct interviews or carry on, all from the comfort of their own homes.)

Strangely, as we adapt, there’s a subtle undercurrent of realness beneath it all. Not just in the home décor choices of our correspondents and celebrities, although I found it somewhat mesmerizing to see that Tom Hanks’ kitchen was pretty ordinary. No, it goes beyond seeing the “production value” of things changing. It’s more in what we all are presenting. As we teleconference, we’re opening a window straight into our homes. And we’re letting the grey hairs show. We’re showing the bags under our eyes, the flaws in our skin. We’re seeing our imperfect reality. And many of us our embracing it.

It’s humanizing. It’s liberating.
Because it’s real.

Being real is key. It’s crucial. One might even say being real is essential. Despite what may or may not happen in the immediate future in some parts of the country – or world – many will opt to stay in a little longer. Which means prolonging the separation, the space, and the distance from their families, friends, and loved ones.

So, let’s be real. Let’s share our messy homes, our unkempt hair, our mismatched clothes, the grey, the bags, all of it.

And then, let’s consider the fact that this distance can bring us closer. This is an opportunity to let absence strengthen our bond. Between all of us. To each other. We can do this because we adapt.

And we can move forward and carry on.

#inspirationis #inspirationisadaptable

No Retreat. No Surrender.


Dan Graney, Dovetail Creative Director

Dovetail is a specialized brand communication agency dedicated to helping clients find confidence in the face of disruption, overcome obstacles and seek new opportunities in times of uncertainty.

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