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Way to Go — St. Clare!

May 5, 2010
Posted by Susan Weissman

I was at an event last night celebrating meeting the foundation’s fundraising goal for SSM St. Clare Health Center, one year after the launch of this new hospital. It’s rare that we stop and appreciate the success we’ve accomplished, isn’t it? We’re always on to the next thing. There’s a lot to look back on — the sleepless nights, the reengineering of processes, the development of many ideas and campaigns that never saw the light of day. Launching a brand new hospital and changing how we deliver care at the same time is a major undertaking. But all of us who participated in St. Clare have big smiles on our faces now:

• 3 years ahead of the business projections
• Plans to add a 20-bed inpatient unit are underway, to keep up with patient demand
• Top percentile in patient satisfaction for the last seven months
• Physician satisfaction has tripled

We all learned a lot and it was a thrill for us to be a part of this smart team of people.

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