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The Flattening of Design

June 20, 2013
Posted by Christine Manfrede

I am head over heels for flat user interface design.

I think many designers would agree that mid-century Swiss print design was our first true love. The team at Dovetail has been a proponent of this style for years. The flat UI design trend of today feels like the evolution of that movement. The flat look is classic and also very “now.” It’s user-friendly, functional, efficient, scalable, but more than that, it really just makes sense. In today’s world, people are familiar with digital interfaces. They don’t need Web 2.0 drop shadows or shiny glares to show them that something is clickable. With their iOS 7 Beta, even Apple seems to be embracing this direction of less is more.

As designers, we’re now left to work with the fundamentals – typography, color palette, photography and illustration – to communicate a message. This is liberating. Losing the noise feels more honest. I hope this trend lasts but can’t help to think about what’s next.

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