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The Devil Wears Resale

April 27, 2009
Posted by Jeff Stein


It has been stated by many a consumer psychologist that when times are tough, the one thing that people don’t want to give up is their image. However, when money is tight, the ability to splurge on those $600 Manolo Blahniks or that “to die for” Gucci purse comes into serious question.

Enter Hollywhirl:, the brainchild of a highly successful woman entrepreneur who had built a powerhouse of high-end fashion resale in the brick and mortar world, but recognized the potential of an online marketplace for web-savvy shoppers to access couture pieces at bargain pricing.

DOVETAIL was commissioned to build this virtual boutique from the ground up: The name, the logo/persona, and the ecommerce platform that has allowed this business to flourish. While we were at it, we also built a small photo studio for the client, as well as provided training in the use and customization of the site and commerce engine.

Now hailed as one of the best sites on the net for those with champagne appetites and sparkling wine pocketbooks, Hollywhirl is proof positive that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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