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The Creative Personality Profile

September 20, 2013
Posted by Scott Leisler

stlouis-advertising-companies-dovetailAs an entrepreneur, creative and problem solver, I’m always interested in seeing how the world verbalizes the description of a “creative” person.

I’ve witnessed industry peers battle the misconception that just because you are a “creative” you don’t understand business, or if you understand business you couldn’t possibly be a “true creative.”

Or that if you are a “creative” you must be an introvert, but if you want to succeed in the business world you must be an extrovert.

For me, I’ve always felt I was a combination of both extrovert and introvert, but told that’s not possible. But I’m also the same person that has learned to live rebelliously conservative (if that makes sense), so I stay with my story.


Problem solving – the desired objectives are used to form the framework for the right thinking and tactics needed to achieve it.

Sometimes I immediately have a lot to say, and physically say it (perceived extrovert).

Other times I listen and process the information to formulate ideas – only to surprise you later I was paying great attention to the details, trying to find the needle in the haystack (perceived introvert).

I’ve always believed it’s not always the loudest person in the room with the best ideas, but the one that can actually make something happen with them.

Today I stumbled accross this article, 10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People.

I found it insightful and in many ways reflective of myself – particularly the combination of being an extrovert and introvert, the ability to apply logic to creative and business problem solving, all while maintaining objectivity that the best idea may not be mine and yet to be discovered.

If you’re a creative or non-creative, let me know what you think.


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