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The Conference Call: Enabling or Preventing Communication

June 4, 2014
Posted by Susan Weissman

Alexis Madrigal did a great piece on NPR yesterday about the conference call — what’s working and what’s not.  What is curious to me is to figure out how to communicate with different people as our technology constantly changes.

The conference call is really sort of low tech, but Alexis points out how often things go wrong:

• Ooops, got the wrong dial in number

• The pin number was too long to remember

• Is so and so on the line?

• Someone hasn’t muted their line and we can hear your (dog, baby, coffee grinder, tapping on the keys working on a different project)…

On the other hand, there are so many tools to help us get the job done better and faster. What about Slack? Google Hangouts?

Alexis concludes that in some ways, the conference call is the common denominator for intergenerational communication. While the young prefer texting and the older prefer face-to-face contact, the conference call offers something all colleagues agree has merit. Take a listen.



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