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Strong Correlation Between Brand Strength and Sustainability

September 24, 2014
Posted by Susan Weissman

Research done by the Conference Board demonstrates there is a “relatively strong correlation between a measure of brand strength and a measure of sustainability.” The correlation is consistent across companies, industries, regions and enterprise values. The most important drivers of the correlation are how well a company treats its employees and its environmental policies.

Let’s take a step back a minute. A brand is what you stand for — it’s the essence of who you are as a company. And the most powerful thing any company can do to build their brand is engage their employees fully in understanding the brand, living the brand and being brand advocates.

Now, combine that with a general trend in our world right now — consumers have become more aware of corporate social responsibility and sustainability performance. It matters to us. So it’s a winning combination – be a company with strong social performance and your employees will be more committed to your company and your brand. Who better to proudly talk about your brand than your employees? I would certainly pay more attention to an employee who has the inside track on the company — wouldn’t you?

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