Trade Associations

Increasing member growth and retention takes expertise

Nearly half of all trade associations are experiencing growth in membership over the last five years. Unfortunately though, about a third are showing decline in membership and 16% haven’t changed, meaning half of all associations are seeing membership trends that are flat to down.

When you dig deeper, you find the top reasons for not renewing membership are members not feeling connected to the organization and not being able to justify the cost of membership. And, the top challenge associations’ face is communicating value to their members.

At Dovetail, we know your top goal as an association is to increase the engagement and retention of your current members while continually growing your new member base. Demonstrating real value is critical. We are experts in finding your association’s unique value proposition, whether its advocacy, elevating your industry or profession or providing the latest continuing education.

Dovetail utilizes research to identify key strategies and develop brand experiences that will have a tangible impact on our partner’s industry and ultimately, their membership. One of our long-term association clients faced decreasing patient traffic and the erosion of their specialty. Dovetail’s work resulted in a 9% growth in market share and a 23% increase in intent-to-use the specialist. Website visits also quadrupled. The membership and leadership have been very pleased. View our video case study below to see more.

Our track record for generating results for trade associations is solid, and we understand the importance of gaining the buy-in of all key stakeholders too.

Click here for our complimentary Association Branding Infographic.

From developing brand strategy and identity to designing brand experiences, we’re here to help you champion your brand.

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