Public Sector

Solving Complex Public Challenges with Strategic Creative Solutions

Working within the public and not-for-profit sectors can pose a variety of unique challenges when it comes to communication and messaging. We understand the need for these organizations to be engaging, transparent, financially viable and constantly in pursuit of new revenue opportunities.

For decades, Dovetail has partnered with several of the country’s largest and most complex public sector organizations. We counsel these companies and organizations on how they can effectively grow brand equity, successfully compete for resources and increase market share with their diverse audiences.

We are experts in developing public-private partnership models that these organizations can utilize to unlock and reach their potential and expand their access to invaluable resources. We work closely with these organizations to conduct in-depth internal and external stakeholder analysis to uncover insights on how to effectively reach and appeal to our audiences.

Dovetail also collaborates with our for-profit partners to help them accomplish their strategic objectives within government, and for their corporate foundations.

From developing brand strategy and identity to designing brand experiences, Dovetail is here to help public and non-for-profit organizations champion their brands.

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