Higher Education

Increasing enrollment by earning loyalty from the inside out

With the rapid growth of online education, graduate and executive programs and for-profit universities, the number of traditional and not-so-traditional higher education providers is greater than ever. Would-be students have more choices than ever. With overall enrollment flat or dropping, schools must work harder than ever just to earn a spot on a student’s short-list.

In this environment, education marketers must make attracting and keeping students a year-round priority. By informing and engaging all key stakeholder audiences— students, parents, faculty and alumni—with ongoing campaigns, we can transform them into your greatest ambassadors, delivering your most compelling messages straight from the heart.

Through research, analysis and insight, Dovetail will help you define, differentiate and express your school’s brand in traditional and non-traditional ways that make your values and academic offerings enticing and compelling.

In the face of declining enrollments, we helped one university increase year-to-year applications by 24% while increasing admissions by 30%, demonstrating our accuracy in targeting candidates at the right time and place with just the right message.

From developing brand strategy and identity to designing brand experiences, we’re here to help you champion your brand.

Below, see what Bryce Chapman, MBU’s Associate Vice President for University Communications and Marketing, has to say about MBU’s partnership with Dovetail.

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