Positive outcomes start with a positive track record

For over 30 years Dovetail has worked with hospital systems, health and wellness organizations, device companies, physicians and associations. In that time, we’ve learned much about how to change brand perception, influence consumer behaviors, create awareness and build important relationships with internal and external audiences.

We nurture and coach our diverse healthcare brands to help them find their authentic voice. Then, we help craft the messaging to ensure that the audience receives a consistently intelligent, open and trustworthy brand experience.

Most importantly, we measure the impact and work with you to define what success looks like.

For one client, success meant campaigns that boosted web traffic over 30% with patient visits spiking whenever their TV, radio and display work ran. Monthly views of their YouTube channel rose by 29.5% and the interaction on their website’s “Find a Doctor” feature jumped by 21.7%.

From developing brand strategy and identity to designing brand experiences, we’re here to help you champion your brand.

Below, see what Eric Carmichael, Principal at MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate, has to say about MedCraft’s rebranding process with Dovetail.

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