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Social Media Takes Time . . . But, How Much?

May 25, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

The question most often asked of us regarding social media is two-fold:  “How much time is this going to take?  I’m busy already; I can’t add one more thing to my list;” and “How will I know this is benefiting my company? How do I measure the ROI? “How can I be sure this is worth my, and my organization’s, time?” This quick article addresses both of those questions, but the answers might not be satisfying to all of us.  Basically, the report sited in the article shows that there is a correlation between the amount of user experience and the time spent using social media tools.  But even more interesting than the time spent on social media marketing, the report is the correlation between the amount of user experience and the time spent using social media tools. In other words, marketers who have the most experience also have more well-defined social media strategies, allowing them a clear plan of action on the social sites.

When looking at ROI on social media marketing, money in the bank can’t be your only indicator of success.  Increased traffic, lead generation and happy, connected customers all are factors in deciding which social media strategies are working best for your business.

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