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Serving our Community: New MSD Project Clear Website Launches

May 4, 2020
Posted by Dovetail

With more than 9,600 miles of sewer lines, St. Louis is home to the country’s fourth largest sewer system. Everyone who lives, works, or pays a visit to the St. Louis region relies on the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) to keep our waterways clean and safe.

However, MSD’s online experience did not reflect the customer-focused nature of the organization or feature MSD Project Clear’s extensive efforts to improve our region’s water quality. Additionally, the site had become crowded with duplicative content in hard-to-find places, creating both issues for content management as well as overall user experience.

When presented with the opportunity to help MSD evolve their online presence, our team was excited to re-invent the site architecture to optimize mobile experience and improve the site to better service and educate nearly 1.3 million customers, as well as a multitude of business and community audiences in St. Louis.

Starting with key stakeholder interviews and open house discussions to identify departmental needs, key audiences and technical specifications, Dovetail and MSD got to work on a new responsive site, that was clean, intuitive, and educational. We worked with multiple groups within the MSD organization, from Secretary-Treasurer to Marketing; IT to Procurement, to seamlessly integrate multiple systems into the site, while also creating some efficiencies that automated formerly manually-managed processes.

Our solution for efficiently leads website visitors to their page destinations through the use of strategic quick-links, sidebar widgets and page modules. Dovetail Associate Creative Director Hunter Lansche spoke of the UX strategy development.

“Extensive industry research and an analysis of site analytics allowed us to rework the existing site structure, condensing 1,300+ existing webpages into less than 650,” said Lansche. “I particularly enjoyed the puzzle that was the organizational challenge of the site. Having the site be easily navigable for customers and business partners alike was a big requirement for MSD, so it was satisfying to design a UX structure to really make that work for them.”

We also enhanced the mobile site experience and included an accessibility widget to ensure the website is navigable and searchable for all potential site visitors. Copy was refreshed and rewritten throughout to heighten the user-friendly, educational tone. A visual page builder was utilized with a complex site permissions architecture and content approval structure to meet the unique needs of MSD content contributors.

With its clean, modern look and improved UX, the new MSD Project Clear website has been embraced by key stakeholders and has received positive feedback from users. We are proud to have worked on such an important — and rewarding! — project.

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