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“Selfie”—Early 21st Century; from self + i.e.

March 4, 2014
Posted by Georgia Relich

The Ellen DeGeneres selfie taken at the Academy Awards. I can’t get away from it. Every media outlet from the New York Times to Mashable has reported on it. It fascinates me. All the speculation . . . what it real? what is staged? was it a sophisticated Samsung product placement stunt (after all, rumor is that Ellen was using her iPhone backstage and Samsung did run a ton of commercials during the show)? Who knows, but what I do know is that within a 4-hour television show, seven tweets garnered between 26,000 and 170,000 retweets. Even Twitter seemed as amazed by the selfie as I was.

A Twitter spokesperson is quoted as saying “We were surprised and delighted to see Ellen’s use of Twitter during the broadcast of the program and the power of Twitter as a companion to TV is evident in the live reach we saw of that single Tweet.” eMarketer agrees. In their recent article, they report that the site has passed the early-adoption market and is settling in a pattern of more mature growth across demographic groups. But, what does it mean for us marketers and advertisers? The eMarketer article contends that older users are more likely to engage with ads. That bodes well for Twitter where 25- to 35-year olds are more into the service than teens, and in 2014, they’ll also represent nearly double the number of users. A maturing user base means slower growth which fuels marketplace concerns that Twitter is not growing fast enough. But, the article contends, a “well-established user base can be a less violatile user base, and Twitter’s maturing users not only in numbers but also in age could influence its advertising revenue potential.”

All good information for us marketers. But, what I really want to know is whether the pizza delivery guy was really a pizza delivery guy or a starving actor.

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