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Retro Packaging

May 18, 2011
Posted by Hunter Lansche

Over the last couple years, food brands like General Mills with Trix and Kix cereal have gone retro with their packaging. Other brands have joined the retro revolution like Doritos and Pepsi’s Throwback products, which even contains a switcheroo of ingredients — using sugar instead of the devilish high fructose corn syrup.

Now the giant Procter & Gamble announced that their Tide, Downy and Bounce lines are going back in time. They’ve even brought back the good ‘ol women-do-all-the-laundry stereotype — but only for a limited time, so no worries there!

Why, you ask? Why all this retro design? It’s fun. It’s cool. It conjures up fond childhood memories in the minds of consumers. That’s sure to sell some product, eh?

While it doesn’t conjure up memories for me, it hits my designer button and works in the “cool” sense. The simple designs like the Kix box harkens forward to today’s minimalist graphic design — clean without all the clutter. I even want to go buy some retro Tide just to display on my desk. I’ll probably dump the product, though. I don’t really need it — my wife does all the laundry…

Just kidding!

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