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QR Codes

March 1, 2011
Posted by Scott Leisler

What may look like an ink blot test for the digital age is actually a QR (Quick Response) code – a two-dimensional image that uses black squares on a white background to encode information.

To read these boxy black-and-white bar codes, simply download a QR code reader app for your mobile device and use the reader to capture the code, which will direct you to a URL or a phone number, or will display a short text message.

Originally used to control manufactured parts in Japan, the codes are springing up more frequently as marketers find clever new ways to incorporate them and track the results. (Here are a few good tips.)

Gimmick or not, a QR code does pique interest and may offer a new way to engage people with your brand. After all, we know how much people like to play with their smart phones.

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