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Provocative, Not Polarizing

February 1, 2010
Posted by Susan Weissman

Health care is a serious business, right? We are communicating about health information, drugs, disease states, medical equipment and the people who provide care. It’s easy to take ourselves seriously. But when it comes to marketing communication, it isn’t always the best strategy. A terrific national campaign is underway to encourage businesses to employ workers with disabilities using a “light-hearted tack rather than a sober or earnest tone” according to the New York Times. One print ad’s headline is “Rhythm Impaired.” It shows a guy in a suit dancing awkwardly and declares “Just because someone moves a little differently doesn’t mean they can’t help move your business forward. The same goes for people with disabilities.” Another ad depicting a man who is “jargon prone” reads “Just because someone talks differently doesn’t mean they don’t bring something of value to the conversation. The same goes for people with disabilities.” I have no doubt this approach will generate more interest and understanding for people with disabilities. It might even cause us to consider how we are allowing our biases to impact our work environment.

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