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Planning for 2010 — A Time for Change

November 19, 2009
Posted by Susan Weissman

Well, there’s no avoiding it at this point.  We’re all putting our plans together for 2010.  It’s a tough exercise given the state of the economy and health care reform — how do we plan with so much uncertainty?  Here are a few recommendations:

1)  Focus.  Everyone has less money to spend.  Don’t try to spread it out — choose fewer strategies to support and support them well.  It is cheaper to gain market share while your competitors are holding back.  Spend where you can get the most impact.

2)  Be Bold!  Fear is paralyzing for a lot of folks.  And believe me, a lot of people are scared right now.  This provides a great opportunity — while everyone is playing it safe stick your neck out.  Say what you really need to say to your market place — give them the unvarnished truth and you will build a relationship with potential customers.  We are all hungry for people and organizations who cut through the “corporate speak.”

3)  Reinvent.  Don’t just retrench or focus on regaining what you’ve lost.  This is a time to rethink and approach marketing in new and different ways.  Use social networking.  Make use of your database and grow it thoughtfully.  Don’t just cut, change.

This is not business as usual.

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