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Pinterest for Men

August 20, 2012
Posted by Jenna Green

Facebook used to be the place to turn when you were bored, knowing that other people who were bored were updating their statuses, and you could scroll through the news feed, reading and clicking, keeping occupied for a nice stretch. You know how it goes: you’re going to “check Facebook real quick” and two hours later, you’re clicking through a photo album of your sister’s roommate’s aunt’s best friend.

Enter Pinterest. When it comes to time wasting, it’s the new Facebook. Except better – because you never run out of things to read, pin, click and…look at. In fact, according to Experian Marketing Services, Pinterest is the 3rd most visited social media site, behind Facebook and Twitter, respectively. From fitness to DIY “hacks,” from decorating to recipes, Pinterest is a never-ending supply of humor, food, workouts and beautiful interiors. And all of these pins are great (ok, not all of them – some are plain ridiculous, wrong and useless) – especially if you’re a woman. quotes a study that says 83% of the more than 20 million Pinterest users are women.

What is a man supposed to do with (what are traditionally and not 100% inclusively) all of this girly stuff? Most men don’t want to tape crayons to a canvas and use a blow dryer to make drippy rainbow effect art or learn how to make fabric refresher spray from scratch for pennies (PENNIES!) or plan the perfectly boho-chic yet original and country-inspired wedding or construct furniture from reclaimed pallets (ok, some men might want to know that).

Necessity is the mother (father?) of invention and bored entrepreneurs are the fathers of social media. Enter Manteresting, Dartitup, Gentlemint and Dudepins. They’re the same basic premise as Pinterest, but more…manly. Instead of daintily “pinning” things that users find interesting, relevant, worth sharing or remembering, or that just look cool, men “nail” them, “dart” them, or “save it” to their mint. Let’s see… power-tool reference? Check. Bar game reference? Check. Money reference? Check. They’re manly all right.

We’ve given some attention to these sites. They each read a little differently. Manteresting seems like Pinterest with more dirt or grease smeared on it. There were a lot of…mammaries on PunchPin. Gentlemint resembles a Tumblr, as does DartItUp. And we’re pretty sure Dudepins is just plugged over the top of Pinterest. Because it’s Pinterest. With more chest and facial hair.

Instead of endless pictures of home décor, references to Christian Grey, DIY projects and “thinspirational” enviably tight buns and abs – oh wait, men still pin those – these sites have more pictures of whisky, tech toys, memes and sports. Of course, challenges are part of the male-pinning culture – DartItUp users are asked to dart images in response to different descriptors.

So what do you think? Will “male-themed” Pinterest-type pages be the next trend in social media? Or is the difference in online behavior (and off-line behavior) between men and women too vast to traverse the “online pinboard” divide?

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