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Pathways to Independence

July 6, 2009
Posted by Scott Leisler


I was recently introduced to the charitable organization, “Pathways to Independence,” a few months ago by the Executive Director, Craig Strohbeck. After a few casual conversations with him, I was quickly reminded that there truly are a few good eggs out there that really feel passionate about helping our community. Pathways to Independence certainly falls into this category and their work with adults with learning disabilities has been helping those that need it since 1987.

After a quick review of their previous site, it was easy to get the DOVETAIL team on board with lending our hand to Pathways to Independence to freshen up their web presence. The newly launched site is simple to navigate, features a WordPress content management system allowing Pathways to manage content easily, a prominent Donate / Support Us section, and an Upcoming Events section to keep the public up to speed on new activities.

Check out the new site at to learn more.

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