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Parallax Scrolling Takes the Web by Storm

November 7, 2011
Posted by Scott Leisler

Clients sometimes ask me, what’s the newest design trend on the web. Something that can make us stand out. Something that makes our site feel different. Well right now one of the most talked about effects from the East Coast to the West Coast is what’s known as “Parallax Scrolling.”

In short, parallax is the effect where more distant objects appear to move in reverse to objects in the foreground. For example, if you were riding on a train and the trees far away looked like they were moving one way and the trees closer to you were moving the opposite direction faster.

On the web, this effect can be used with images that seem to float and move in different directions when the user scrolls.

A great web example is the Nike Better World website. Notice how the interface moves in different directions when scrolling, creating an interesting effect.

Additional examples.

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