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Ongoing Debate RE: Direct Mail vs Online

June 10, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

We keep hearing about it over and over again. In fact, a few months ago this was the topic of Maring Weissman’s quarterly email blast.  Will traditional direct mail go away?  If not, what will we use it for versus what we’ll use online for? The attached article gives good reason for not taking direct mail out of the mix just yet.  Why? Because of the unpredictability of categorizing individuals. The first example the author sites, though, is pretty compelling.  Merck tested both medias with test groups: one group got info via both mediums while the second group were communicated purely through online vehicles.  They found that the group that received information through multichannels had double-digit increases over the purely online group. The article also talks about what information is best communicated in each medium.

I’m going to speculate that, much like we communicate via fax (now that’s archaic, isn’t it?  But, I know lots of people still relying on it) versus phone versus email, we will also begin to use both direct mail and online to communicate for highest effectiveness.

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