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Note to Designers: Find Inspiration Offline

August 30, 2012
Posted by Christine Manfrede

OK, you just got a new project. The creative brief is pretty clear and your first impulse/reflex is to search Google images as a source of inspiration. Stop right there, do yourself a favor and take a walk.

We’re lucky enough to work in the CWE, where the ambiance, architecture and eclectic mix of people and places is our playground. Inspiration is not something that can be harnessed on a to-do list. It’s elusive and cannot be forced, but it can also come from anywhere at anytime. And if a Bloody Mary at Sub Zero sets the spark, then so be it.

Of course, in today’s world of digital everything and inspiration-killer deadlines, taking a break can take effort. More than ever, styles and ideas are fast, easy and available for the taking. To some extent, borrowing is probably inevitable, but you have to take in all the influences, refine them and make them yours.

We’ve all heard the saying “there is no such thing as an original thought.” Perhaps the best we can hope for is to inject our own twist, and maybe that extra little something is out there, in our surroundings and not tethered to some digital device.

We’re lucky to have the Central West End as our muse. Come on down and let it be yours too.

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