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New Packaging Design Reinforces Brand Strengths

May 20, 2020
Posted by Dovetail

The Thick-It® brand — First in science. First in care.

The Thick-It® brand has been a trusted food and beverage brand for people with dysphagia since 1987. Over the years, the need for nutritious, appetite appealing thickened beverages has grown to a market of nearly 15 million adults and many millions of infants and children in the U.S. alone. Thick-It® Original Food & Beverage Thickener is the #1 selling retail brand, and they have added ready-to-eat pureed foods and ready-to-drink beverages.

How do you improve the lives of people with swallowing disorders?

The Challenge

The Thick-It® team challenged Dovetail to help them redefine how Thick-It® products look, feel, and communicate their purpose—improving the lives of people with dysphagia and those who love them. We needed to differentiate the brand in a way that leveraged their strengths while ensuring consumers have dignity and confidence—something we all deserve to enjoy.

The Process

The Thick-It® team enlisted Dovetail to conduct a comprehensive brand audit which resulted in refreshed brand positioning and an ingredient-based master brand architecture strategy. The new Thick-It® brand positioning focused on its commitment to science-based innovation delivered in nutritious, great tasting products. We redesigned their visual and verbal identity system to tie into this refreshed brand positioning.

The Logo Evolution

The Thick-It® master brand logo was redesigned to leverage the existing brand equity while visually communicating the new brand position.

While the semi-serif font is a nod to the older logo, its more modern and clean appearance speaks to the science-based characteristics of the brand. The ligature connecting the “T” and “h” in “Thick-It” conveys additional warmth and stability. And the decorative “dash” treatment is a refreshing modernization of the traditional en-dash, further evolving and modernizing the mark.

The Packaging Refresh

The Thick-It® packaging redesign coincided with a relaunch of the brand overall and the introduction of the Clear Advantage® sub-brand. Research showed that we needed to leverage the Thick-It® yellow color as it was considered a brand equity. Our goals for the redesign were to strengthen the brand overall and to align with the new brand positioning. We also sought to provide point-of-sale differentiation, a clear messaging strategy and to strengthen the Thick-It® brand’s presence at shelf.

It was also very important that the design balanced the look of an innovator with the look of a product that consumers found appealing. The Thick-It® brand is dedicated to preserving the dignity of dysphagia patients and providing products that look and taste like something their loyal and prospective users will enjoy.


To find out more about Thick-It® brand and view the site that Dovetail designed and developed, visit


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