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Navigating the Waters of Social Media

July 10, 2012
Posted by Scott Leisler

Dovetail St. Louis Social Media

Social media – the newest frontier in connecting with prospects, customers, and followers. These groups of individuals have taken a chance by “liking you” enough to allow you to push content to them. Once you have them, you need to build engagements with them.

It can be tricky because sometimes the “business objectives” driven company will instinctively create posts and tweets strictly promotional – delivering company information. Sometimes (not always) that can be lost on the audience (and an obvious attempt to sell) if they are in the mood to be social, entertained, or participate in a 2-way conversation with either the company or other followers.

You may see Facebook posts from big companies or brands that ask followers something as simple and unrelated to their product or services as, “Do you like HOT weather or COLD weather?” In the middle of a heat wave, it can create a response and an engagement. Even though it’s not selling something particular, it does help keep your company or brand top of mind, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, is tracked as an engagement by Facebook – which then makes “a digital mental note” that these followers are participating in the conversation – keeping the post from the company or brand showing up in their feed more regularly. This allows the company or brand the opportunity to say something of greater value to their audience later and have a better chance of it being seen and remembered. recently put together 6 great tips that build brand engagements that we have personally seen work first hand and thought to be shareworthy.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help answer them.

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