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My Recent Video Playlist

December 17, 2013
Posted by Hunter Lansche

I’ve been watching a lot of videos online lately. Ads, short films, “viral” aspiring videos. Much of the time I watch them to get new ideas for shooting techniques or how the story is visually put together. I’ve come across quite a few ads lately that use some great PR tricks or that have a great twist in copy writing. I wanted to highlight one, but I couldn’t narrow them down. Here are a few thoughts from me, paired with videos you simply need to watch.

Canadians are stereotypically known to be a friendly bunch — not a bad stereotype to have. The friendly bunch at WestJet Airlines kept that true by pulling a very clever stunt at an airport. The airline set out to garner at least 200,000 views for the video, at which point they said they would donate free flights to a family in need. It’s been on YouTube for 10 days as of December 17. It’s approaching 30 million views.

This series of online Acura ads are completely frivolous and I love them for it. They purposefully do a terrible job of selling Acuras. Retro/vintage and reminiscent of the style in the recent Ron Burgundy Dodge ads, my favorite quote is from the sixth commercial, where the spokesman tells the audience about one of the car’s features: “She’ll love this ladies’ beauty vanity mirror, with its own mirror and little door, and with a rubber thingy that you could force a pen into if you had to.” It seems like it was great fun writing the copy for these spots, which, by the way, was written by Jerry Seinfeld. Here’s a playlist of the whole lot:

Some ads are so well conceived and executed that when you want to tell someone about it, you can’t say much without completely ruining it for them. I swear, that’s not a cop-out for not wanting to write more. Take a look at this one from Robinsons, a British juice company.

If you want to kill more time, check out this great list of ads compiled by AdWeek. You’ve undoubtedly seen a number of them already.

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