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More Un-Branding: The Non-Site

September 1, 2009
Posted by Cara McKinley

When most people think of web strategy or building a web presence, they think of developing a sophisticated looking web site that shows off all that their company can do, and showcases their brand identity. For global ad agency Modernista!, whose focus lies decidedly in thinking outside the box, the solution for their web strategy didn’t involve a flashy web site at all. Instead, they harnessed all of the existing tools of the internet and used them to create an information cloud, simultaneously showing their web savvy and their intent on thinking differently.

Instead of having a portfolio page, they link to their Flickr stream for still images and their YouTube library for video content. Instead of an About Us page, they link to their Wikipedia entry, Facebook profile, and Twitter feed. All of their content is managed through existing tools and social media on the internet. As I navigate through their non-site, I can’t help but think that someone either had a really clever idea, or the design/development team found an easy way out of a lot of work.

What do you think? See it for yourself: Modernista!

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