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12 of the Best Gifts Ever!

December 13, 2019
Posted by Dovetail


We asked a few of the Dovetail team what their most memorable childhood gift was, and why it stands out as something so special.

Here’s what they had to say:


Dan Graney:

“Easy. The Early Bird Certificate Package. If you haven’t seen Plastic Galaxy or The Toys That Made Us (Star Wars edition), this was the infamous cardboard stand.My mom couldn’t believe she was giving me a piece of cardboard, but I was thrilled… because it meant I had Star Wars toys coming!”

Jen Schmid:

“Blue satin jacket. Christmas. 1979.”

Susan Schultz:

“The gift that comes to mind is the beanbag stuffed lion I received for Christmas when I was about 7, so maybe 1972…? I always preferred stuffed animals over dolls. It was small, maybe 8 inches long. I named him Butterball after the turkey we had for Christmas dinner. I used to sew him royal robes and make a paper crown as if he was Prince John from Disney’s “Robin Hood.” I still have him. I think it stands out because that was a time that bridged the innocence and creativity of childhood with more difficult realities and the uncertainty of growing up in a military family.”

Scott Leisler:

“My grandmother gave me a Santa doll from the late 1960s. It was the only thing I remember her giving me besides McDonald’s gift certificates. It’s my favorite thing to put on display every year because it instantly puts me in a good mood.”

Jack Curran:

“My Yamaha 60 dirt bike when I was 14… freedom baby!”

Steve George:

“The Bigwheel. We even rode it around the dining room table that day. Rode it around the neighborhood doing power slides till I wore holes in the plastic wheels. It was a very memorable gift and time in my childhood.”

Sydney Lane:

“More than you asked for, but I couldn’t resist! A stuffed yellow lab, Buddy, was definitely my favorite gift as a kid. I think I was four years old when I got him (see the picture!). The story goes that I saw him at Toys R Us and fell in love and my Mom had to drive back that night after I was asleep to get him so he would be under the Christmas tree the next morning.”

Donna MacDonald:

“My very favorite was a kitchen set that included a stove and refrigerator and table and chairs.  It was my dream at the time.  I’m told my dad stayed up nearly all night putting it together which makes it even more special to me now.”

Hunter Lansche:

“Stuff like this for me is never easy to come up with. Sometimes I think my mind throws away details it thinks are unnecessary, even when they would be nice to remember… anyway, I remember one year getting all three Jurassic Park movies on DVD. That was pretty awesome, and was only made more awesome when I scored a sweet Smash Mouth CD in my next present.”

Jennifer Anania:

“Cabbage Patch Kid doll because it was the year that it was sold out everywhere and my grandma in California was able to get one for each of us.”

Janan Nimock:

“My favorite Christmas gift was a Fisher Price “Jenny” doll. It was the way she smelled that I remember the most, a combination of new plastic and (original scent) Johnson’s baby powder. I think I was around 6 years old. A doll to a little girl (just at the right age) is the best.”

Christine Manfrede:

“A Big Wheel when I was around 6. There was no name on it Christmas morning, and I was sure Santa meant for me. My little brother vehemently disagreed. I asked Santa about it a few years ago. Turns out I was wrong. Oh well.”

Happy Holidays from your friends at Dovetail!


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