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Make your own modular fonts

March 6, 2009
Posted by Cara McKinley

I’ve always been interested in type design, and the infinite ways that you can display even a single letter. My professor in school used to tell us how, before anyone had computers, type design was a daunting task. He had to draw each character by hand on a piece of paper, trying to achieve the perfect curves and proportions that come together to form a harmonious letter. Afterward, the characters would have to be cast for use in printing processes.

Now, I can create my own fonts through an internet application. Font Shop, an online font licensor, has offered to the public a free flash application called FontStruct, where you can fairly easily create your own fonts using modular shapes on a grid. While font design still requires truly great skill to produce anything of merit, this app certainly opens the doors for experimentation. And it’s pretty amazing what some of the users have come up with, as you can see from the gallery. You can also download user fonts for free for personal use.

My very basic attempt at the letter 'A'.

My very basic attempt at the letter 'A'.

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