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LinkedIn Endorsements — Simplicity Is King

November 19, 2012
Posted by Hunter Lansche

I always find it incredible just how fast technology changes and becomes more refined. So it makes sense that the ever-growing spawn of technology — social media — would do the same.

In a world where the average person’s attention span is most well-utilized within 140 characters or less, simplicity is king! It only goes to show why LinkedIn’s new endorsement feature is gaining speed.

It’s hard to get people to sit down and take a decent amount of their time to write up a LinkedIn recommendation for you. Time is king!

… Okay, simplicity and time are both kings.

Here’s how endorsements work on LinkedIn. You add an item on your list of skills and expertise. Other people vouch for you on that particular skill by clicking the “+” icon. It’s that easy.

The bottom line is that LinkedIn endorsements are quickly gaining popularity and are going to become much more important in the near future for both individuals and small businesses. They’ll increase exposure, especially once LinkedIn begins to weigh endorsements into their search function. For some great insights, take a look at the article, “LinkedIn Endorsements Changes Everything. Here’s Why.” by Dave Kerpen over at

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