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Landscape Saint Louis

October 2, 2009
Posted by Scott Leisler

L andscape Saint Louis

This past summer was a busy one for us. We work with a variety of clients and always enjoy learning about their business’ and what makes them tick, so we can help position them to take full advantage of this ever evolving internet world that we live in.

Landscape Saint Louis is no exception to the rule. With their wonderful team at hand, we were quickly convinced after seeing their work and speaking with all the gears that make their wheel turn that Landscape Saint Louis is top shelf when it comes to landscaping solutions – big or small.

That being said, we are happy to have collaborated with them over the summer to launch their new website this fall.

The new site is highly visual and showcases dozens of their design solutions delivered to inspire ideas and and demonstrate creativity. The interface features a seasonal graphic element (leaves top left) that is pre-programmed to change with the seasons to something new that reflects the time of year. The Latest Work callout (bottom right) links to a Featured Projects section and shows how specific projects progressed from start to finish utilizing a “Flash Flip Book” visual solution.

To see it for yourself and learn more, please visit

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