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Keeping Up with Facebook

April 20, 2010
Posted by Susan Weissman

This week, Facebook announced its new “Community Pages” for people to connect more easily with others on the social network who share similar interests. These pages are owned collectively by the community connected to it. A few quick facts on Facebook: as of January, 2010 there are 400 million people using Facebook, spending an average of 55 minutes per day. 50% of the Facebook users log on every day. Your personal Facebook page allows you to have 5,000 friends. When organizations open up a Fan Page on a specific topic of interest, the number of fans you can have is unlimited. So if you’re a physician talking about high-risk pregnancy, you might be well served with a Facebook page. If you’re a health care system and want to generate dialogue within the expectant Mom community — you might be better served by a Fan Page. Community pages are still in the beta phase but they offer health care organizations a new opportunity to “be a fly on the wall” and listen to your consumers. These pages are going to generated based on consumer interests and you can follow the conversations that pertain to you. Stay tune. Learn more.

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