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Keep It Simple

November 9, 2009
Posted by Susan Weissman

One of the mistakes we see organizations make time and time again is the desire to “change things up” too quickly.  You get bored of your campaign (of course, you’ve been exposed to it much more frequently and for a longer period of time than your market place).  This isn’t good for my business to suggest, but stick with it.  Once you’ve crafted the message — give it time to sink in and become understandable to your audience.  It takes TIME to change mindsets.  To build understanding.  To create preference.  I often find myself laughing when I see advertising work — after 30 years of being in this business why does it still surprise me?  Because people DO begin to prefer your service just because they feel comfortable with it, familiar with it.  People actually change their decision making process because they believe you understand them.  So don’t over complicate the work.  Decide what you need to say.  Figure out a powerful way to get it out there (that’s where the hard work is).  And then stick with it.

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