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Why Inbound Marketing Doesn’t Work

August 14, 2017
Posted by Jenna Green

This is the fourth blog post in our series about inbound marketing. Read the first, second and third posts here. 

Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t work…if you do it incorrectly.

Perhaps you’ve tried an inbound campaign before with mediocre to poor results and feel burned. Below are just a few reasons your campaign may have underperformed.

  • You didn’t define your audience well enough. In addition to identifying the industry and job titles/roles of your personas, you should define their pain points – what keeps them up at night, what makes them feel insecure about their work, what problem they can’t figure out how to solve. Your offers should be hyper-focused on moving your target audience through the inbound funnel to the ultimate goal of selling them the solution to their problem. Speaking of offers…
  • Your offer wasn’t compelling enough. Anyone with a Google machine can download a report on how to do anything from doubling your leads in 30 days to learning Korean in 15 minutes. So your offer has to be pretty compelling – and targeted – to pique the interest of your prospect. Your product or service has value – otherwise, you couldn’t charge for it. The knowledge that you and your team possess is more than enough to create white papers, infographics and other downloads that leads will find interesting and relevant, and get them into your inbound funnel.
  • You sacrificed good for perfect. Sometimes the pursuit of perfection gets in the way of creating the damn thing. Most of the time, with inbound marketing, good is good enough. You have to ship the product at some point. This is why Apple iOS updates that come out at the same time as a new phone usually have a patch within a few days. Don’t be afraid of the send/publish/post button.
  • You weren’t patient. Part of the challenge of inbound marketing is the patience needed to let the process do the work. It’s hard to sit back and watch email opens and landing page clicks trickle in one by one, day by day, just waiting for the floodgates to open. Inbound takes time – it takes time to create, and it takes time to work. Be patient, and let it do its thing. Work on the other thousand things on your to-do list while you have the time.
There are a multitude of other reasons that your inbound marketing attempt may not have worked in the past, but these are the most common. At Dovetail, we have a strategic, brand-focused team that can help you execute a winning inbound strategy, and successfully navigate through the above pitfalls. Want to learn more? Download our State of Inbound Report here – or get in touch for a complimentary one-hour consultation with our brand and marketing strategists.

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