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I Admit It – Sometimes I Act Like a Client

May 12, 2010
Posted by Susan Weissman

I’ve been an owner of a marketing company for 31 years. (I started when I was 12.) Anyway, I tell clients all the time that if the idea doesn’t make them a little uncomfortable, make them feel just a bit twitchy, it probably won’t get much attention. But when we do our own marketing and creative is coming up with idea for us to marketing our abilities — suddenly I’m in the client’s seat. And I do just what clients do — think of the ways this idea might be misunderstood, found to be offensive, or have some sort of negative impact. Of course, by the time you neutralize all possible issues what you’re saying isn’t worth saying. You would think I would know this by now!

So, I’m writing to remind you (and me) that we can’t be all things to all people. It’s better to turn on some segment of your market place and risk that some will be turned off. At least they are getting a sense of who you are and what you have to offer. Be bold! (And stop acting like a client…)

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