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Houston, We Have Lift Off

August 22, 2009
Posted by Jeff Stein


Bravely going where no other company in their industry has gone before, CENTRIC HEALTH RESOURCES has just launched a new web site that we think you’re going to want to see:

While most of the competition’s sites take themselves too seriously and/or are comprised of the same 25 images of smiling doctors and patients, CENTRIC has fearlessly launched into deep space with this heavily theme-based design centered around their operating philosophy – which puts patients and their needs at the center of the universe.

From colorful infographics that explain complex business practices to engaging media and informative materials found in their new KNOWLEDGE BASE, this web site allows the audience to see how profoundly different CENTRIC is, and what that can mean for the patients, providers and manufacturers they serve.

We are proud to have played such a large role in creating this new Web vehicle, and look forward to our next “mission” with this client.

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