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November 22, 2016
Posted by Dovetail


Video might not have heard the last of the radio star. Podcasts are growing in popularity and showing no signs of stopping. If it feels like you have heard that podcasts are the next big thing before, it’s because you have. Podcasts have been around for many years. Since 2015, however, they have seen a resurgence of listeners and favorability. In fact, 36% of the US population listens to podcasts. So, what is driving this boom?

Mobile Listening

One aspect that has made podcasts more appealing is technological advancements. When podcasts first came out, they could only be listened to on a computer. Now, the ability to listen by mobile device has simplified the experience. Mobile accessibility has made podcasts the go-to for many to pass time while commuting, running errands, or even working out. Waiting in lines is great for a 10-minute episode while commuting lends itself to podcasts that are up to 90 minutes.

On-Demand Radio

Like DVR for television, podcasts are on-demand technology for radio. They allow listening at the convenience of the listener and they offer the ability to stop, start and skip an episode. Once you get used to being able to set your own schedule for listening, it is easy to see how many have made podcasts their main auditory experience. In fact, for daily podcast listeners, podcasts consist of 30 percent of what they listen to each day according to a yearly study by Edison Research.

Creating Quality Podcasts

Another alluring aspect of podcasts is the variety of formats. Anyone who wants to create a regularly updated radio show can publish a podcast for the mere cost of a microphone and a computer to record it. A good podcast has a number of characteristics to attract listeners. It must contain interesting ideas, give variety while maintaining a theme, offer engaging presentation, and be short enough to listen to at one time. A great podcast also needs a level of professionalism and strong editing, sound design and music. The uniqueness of shows allows the medium to feel more intimate. Podcasts are able to draw people in for the entirety of the episode because they feel a deep, personal connection with the hosts.

Intimate Spaces, An Advertiser’s Dream

This is great for advertisers because the intimate space and trusted host offer a great opportunity for featured products that fit with the characteristics of the show and its listeners. Some ads are pre-roll, but the most successful ones appear as spots within the show where the host talks about the product. In a survey about the intrusiveness of ads across mediums, only 25 percent of people said they found podcast ads invasive. Furthermore, listeners say that ads within podcasts actually improve their perception of a product and two-thirds of podcast listeners have been involved in some form of purchase behavior as the result of advertising exposure from podcasts. This proves that there is a great market for potential podcasters and advertisers alike.

One thing remains true across all media whether it is blogs, TV programs, newspapers or podcasts, just because something is published doesn’t mean it will be attractive to consumers. So, before you start your podcasting journey, remember, “do something no one else is doing and do it better than anyone else can.”

While there are many great podcasts, here are 20 podcasts that we at Dovetail think are doing something special and deserve your ear. Here is what we are listening to:

Podcasts We’re Listening To

Adventures in DesignCBS Fantasy Football
Creative MorningsDear Sugar
FreakonomicsFresh Air
Men in BlazersRadiolab
SerialSplendid Table
Stuff You Should KnowGood Life Project
The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff SandersThe Fat-Burning Man Show
The Mental Illness Happy HourThe Nerdist
This American LifeWait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
VultureYou Must Remember This

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