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Get Your Internet Strategy Together

January 25, 2010
Posted by Susan Weissman

I know that YOU know you have to have an internet strategy as a part of your marketing plan. But do you? It’s tough for us baby boomers (who are often in charge of the marketing) to learn what we have to learn to feel comfortable and confident in recommending these tactics. But the tools are getting better and the your audience is there for a fraction of the cost almost anywhere else. You can talk to people in a specified geographic area when and only when they are online searching on your topic. You can email people who express interest in a specific topic and automate the process so you can send multiple messages to audiences and the message is actually relevent to them. Look, I’m not a believer that digital marketing will ever replace what is quickly being called “traditional” marketing. But I sure do think you’re missing part of your strategy if you’re not using it. Pew Research just came up with their latest study on Internet User Profiles. Check it out.

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