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Force of Habit

February 5, 2010
Posted by Georgia Relich

A few interesting tidbits reported in a February article in PRWeek that came from a social media event at the NYU Stern School of Business called “Navigating Social Media Technology in Healthcare:  The younger generation, who use social media to get reviews of everything from music to restaurants, will want to use social media to learn more about drugs and doctors.  Once the habit is acquired, it’s irreversible . . . There’s a lot of uncertainty in healthcare in general, which means everyone is uncertain about how to proceed with social media, so healthcare and pharma companies must listen more . . . Healthcare and pharma companies have to become more open marketers. Social media in the healthcare space is about providing value to the consumers, more about health conditions and how people get information about that condition . . . 9 out of 10 doctors refer to the Internet as a critical component in their practice . . . Very soon, 20% of doctors and 20% of patients will be engaged in an e-patient relationship.

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