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Filling the Gap with Out-of-Home

December 15, 2016
Posted by Dovetail

The SLUCare Physician Group’s “Informed Medicine” campaign had been in market for two years, when Dovetail received the opportunity to develop out-of-home creative to support the campaign.

Our objective was to provide message continuity when broadcast and digital were off the air. We knew where we’d been – through post-campaign metrics – and where we are going – having just developed the marketing plan for 2017/18. We also knew the simplest out-of-home executions are often the most effective. Dovetail crafted short, thought-provoking statements illustrating SLUCare’s unique approach to medicine – advanced medicine coupled with compassionate care delivered by physicians who take time to listen to their patients, an approach we call “Informed Medicine.”

We bridged the gap in our campaign with a three-board series, allowing us to amplify our message with multiple statements presented in sequence. The approach exceeded client expectations and generated much social media buzz in the market. Boards are located on both I-64 and I-44 eastbound as drivers approach Saint Louis University’s campus. Check out the video below to view our SLUCare billboard series.

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