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Enhancing the Patient Experience

September 18, 2013
Posted by Georgia Relich

According to the HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2013, patient experience and satisfaction is the No. 1 priority for healthcare executives. While that seems to be a statement of the obvious, achieving that great experience and satisfaction requires that the organization is firing on all cylinders across the organization.

This article from HealthLeaders media contends that the simplest effective patient experience strategy may boil down to employing two elements:  listening to the patient directly through personal discussion and indirectly through survey data analysis. The bigger challenge, though, is using that data to create better patient experiences and satisfaction.

A myriad of measurement/survey tools are available to healthcare leaders. The act of going to the source, asking the patient, learning about his/her experience will inevitably arm healthcare organizations with the information they need to create and build an experience that puts them on the side of the patient.

But that’s not enough. This patient insight needs to be delivered by an organization with a strong culture. The brand “can’t just live on paper or as a concept,” as the article states. It needs to be a promise that lives in the hearts and minds of every person who interacts with patients and infused into every intersection where the client meets the organization.

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