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Educating patients and healthcare providers for Dysphagia Awareness Month.

June 8, 2017
Posted by Jenna Green

This week marks the start of Dysphagia Awareness Month. If you’re asking, “What is dysphagia?” you’re not alone. It means “difficulty swallowing”, and it can be caused by a range of conditions from Alzheimer’s to cancer to stroke. As part of their dysphagia awareness efforts, Dovetail’s long-time client Thick-It is rolling out their newest innovation in food and beverage thickeners, Clear Advantage.

Although 1 in 17 people will develop some form of dysphagia in their lifetime, the condition is relatively unknown and affects a broad and diverse population. Thick-It needed to promote awareness while introducing a new product to two distinct target audiences: dysphagia patients and caregivers, and the speech and language pathologists who treat the disorder. Dovetail’s challenge lay in explaining the science behind this innovative new product while remaining sensitive to the emotional devastation this life-changing condition can bring.

We began by studying first-person accounts of life with dysphagia from patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Then we developed banner ads, an email campaign, blog posts, videos and collateral materials tailored to each audience’s unique concerns and level of understanding of the condition.

Distilling the science behind a solution with patient’s personal experiences. Raising disease awareness while launching an innovative new product. These are the types of challenges we tackle every day at Dovetail. Click here to learn more of the Thick-It story.

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