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Draw Your Face Off

March 21, 2011
Posted by Hunter Lansche

While beginning this, my first Dovetail blog post (actually my first ever blog post, period), I contemplated whether I should just jump right into it like I’ve been posting here for years and ignore the fact that no one frequenting this site has ever seen my name, or if I should start out with something like, “Hello blog world, here I am!” Knowing that doing the latter is lame and probably would have gotten me a handful of furrowed brows from fellow colleagues, I decided against it. Then I thought about it and realized probably no one reading this really cares whether or not I’ve posted before. So since I’m not one to ramble, I’ll jump right into it like I’ve been posting here for years and I’ll ask that you ignore my previous few sentences.

I remember studying in school some great master paintings of people that had the money to pay for it like King Henry VIII or the Medici family. There doesn’t seem to be much of that type of art being made anymore. I suppose as the times change, so does the art. But the good news is you don’t have to be rich OR sit in front of a master painter anymore to get a great piece of original, handmade artwork with your face on it.

Thanks to master artist Ernie (the new Leonardo) over at, you can have your very own portrait drawn up for only $34. Plus, all you have to do is submit a photo and after about two weeks you’ll have a 4″x6″ matted AND framed piece of original artwork at your doorstep.

So what’s the catch? Well, I personally don’t think it’s a catch, but you should know that Ernie will take some serious liberties with your face (Ernie’s not part of the realism movement). But even if your limbs and body HAVE been replaced by an octopus or robot, I say how can you go wrong? Even if your brain has been transformed into an empty birdcage, I say how can you go wrong?

I said the same thing the other day when I commissioned Ernie to see what he could come up with using both my and my wife’s face. I can’t wait to see the outcome, and I’m sure my wife will be pleasantly surprised to open her superbly bizarre anniversary gift (shhh…I haven’t told her yet).

And come to think of it, I’ll probably get a few furrowed brows by just saying “furrowed brows.”

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