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Dovetail Super Bowl Ad Picks

February 9, 2017
Posted by Dovetail

We asked some Dovetail employees to tell us about some of their favorite Super Bowl TV ad that aired during Super Bowl LI and here’s what they said

From Susan Schultz:

Audi “Daughter”

The visual storytelling is beautifully done. The music and voice-over are just right—not too much or too overbearing. A great empowering message that Audi pledges to uphold. And I always wanted a go cart when I was her age. Sad that it is getting so much blowback as being “too political.”


Avocados from Mexico “Secret Society”

A simple, funny premise. Silly jokes told with great timing. The comedy is a little old school. But as a copywriter with a big love for great radio, this one had me LOLing more than any other spot last night. Check out the full-length version. I imagine the creative team high-fiving each other because they got to use all of their best gags. And that never happens for most of us.


From Hunter Lansche:

Tide “#BradshawStain”

I thought the trio of Tide spots with Terry Bradshaw, Curt Menifee and Jeffrey Tambor were a uniquely creative way of weaving together the game with advertising. Tide also cleverly used various ad lengths, starting with the short tease, then the full spot, then a short callback later in the game. As a whole, the set did a nice job of creating a cohesive and funny story. I could be mistaken, but it even looked as though Terry and Curt were wearing the same clothes in the Tide spots as they were at the actual game. I suppose the only drawback is that Tide probably won’t have much longevity with main ad past last night, due to its very topical nature. Nonetheless, they were a very creative and well-executed set of ads.


From Jennifer Schmid:

T-Mobile “#UnlimitedMoves”

As much as I would not classify myself as a “Belieber,” I have to say that I really liked the T-Mobile spot featuring Justin Bieber and a variety of pop-culture icons and NFL players alike. Let’s face it, mobile data plans are boring, but this spot made it fun in an unexpected way. People want to be entertained and these spots delivered in my opinion. And, perhaps, now there are some more “Beliebers” out there as a result.


From Matt Steward:

Audi “Daughter”

Being blessed with a weird sense of humor and great comedic timing for terrible puns, one would wonder why I chose Audi’s “Daughter” spot. They did a couple things here. They pulled on the heartstrings of a father (me) who wishes for nothing but greatness for his daughter. I think they made a great choice of using a male voiceover in this spot to personalize the message—this isn’t just any woman he is talking about, this is his daughter. Secondly, they want you to love it or hate it. As you can tell by the “likes” and “dislikes” on YouTube, at the very least they’ve told a compelling story that will spark conversation.


From Vinnie Schneider:

Hyundai “Operation Better”

My favorite Super Bowl ad of the night actually didn’t run during the game—but immediately after it. The Hyundai Super Bowl Ad told the emotional story of how immersive technology can be used to connect our troops overseas with their families back home. This ad was anticipated for weeks, since Hyundai announced that their ad would actually be filmed during the Super Bowl itself and then air immediately after it. While they promoted this production detail, the actual nature of the ad was kept a secret. Thankfully, the fact that it was recorded just moments before it aired was not treated as a gimmick at all, but was rather used as a way to make the spot feel relevant, emotional, and real. Since an effort like this obviously requires quite of bit of advanced technology to pull it off, the ad positioned Hyundai as an innovative motor company, as well as a brand that has a sense of a higher purpose.


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