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Don’t Mess With My Animated Gifs

July 6, 2011
Posted by Scott Leisler

Animated gifs have been around since the birth of the web. When you think of an animated gif, you think of 2 to 3 cycled frames of content, and very basic eye candy. Are you yawning yet?

Flash replaced a lot of animated gif usage offering more complex and interesting ways to present animated content. One problem – many mobile devices don’t take advantage of flash and gifs pretty much work on most mobile devices.

So with that in mind, and the appeal of universal accessibility for gifs, they are now being pushed to new places, and the movement has been coined, “The Cinemagraph.” Check out these great examples (more). Simpler than video, but more complex than a static photograph, there is something reminiscent of early photography that really has the ability to capture attention.

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