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Direct Mail – Breaking Through the Clutter

August 17, 2012
Posted by Hunter Lansche

In a world of endless junk mail, often times a 1% open rate for a flat direct mail piece is considered a success. What’s the best way to break through to that other 99%? Stop singing so flat.

There’s a reason why 3D movies are so popular right now — people like dimension (or, dimensions). We’ve all seen the flat stuff. It’s time to get crazy.

Many don’t realize you can send all sorts of items through the mail, just as long as it has the correct postage. Plus, such items have been shown to fare better than flat items when it comes to open rates. In this great article from Annabel Cohen of Deliver magazine, direct marketer Bruce Moyer notes, “the open rate for three-dimensional items, such as things that come in a box, is greater than 95 percent.” Now THAT’S crazy!

Whether it’s a box with an awesome concept, a coconut, or a can of unicorn meat, mailing dimensional items is a sure way to break through the clutter and reach your consumer.

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